Friday 22nd of January 2021


Egypt; a Land of Lovers of Ahul Bait (AS) + Pics

Morality Has Lofty Status in Islam

Abuse of Muslims shows equality is still an open question

South Korea to foster halal industry to draw Muslim tourists

Saudi Arabia: Riyadh continues to oppress and marginalize Shia Muslims

Persian Gulf must be a safe place for cooperation

Zanjan’s funds to the people of Gaza

A Grand lady Shia scholar passes away

Ayatollah Javadi Amoli: Path towards education never ends

Grand ayatollah Sistani says victory over ISIS in Iraq is imminent

Romania’s New Muslims...Educated Elite



A'mal for the Month of Rajab

keep us in honor and make us not humiliated

Exemplary Women: Hazrat Umm ul-Banin (s.a)

Desecration of the house of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.)

Goodness of dates

The last will to his relatives

The Meaning of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.)

Tenth Holy Infallible Imam of the Muslims

Leadership and Infallibility


The Day of Arafah


Law in Islam

Criterion of Credibility of Law

Faith Depends Upon Knowledge

Punishment for Theft in the Islamic Laws

The Threat of Nihilism: New Educational Opportunities?

Islamic Background of Western Renaissance

The Witnessing and Recording of Deeds

Usurpation (Ghasb)



On the Eve of Ramadan; An Italian Young Man Converts to Islam at Razavi Shrine

Islamophobia in England: Racist attack on Muslim families in Birmingham

Disabled Muslim student forced to sign terrorism confession in US

The Humanities and Telecommunication

Melbourne schoolgirl killed as ISIS targets Baghdad ice-cream parlour

Indian Muslims in the Age of Muslim Uprisings

Free Islamic Clinic Thrives in South Carolina, USA

“Amir Al-Mumenin (AS)” Festival in India

Saudi Arabia executes 37, including 33 Shiites

Urgent: Nigerian Army Kills Sheikh Zakzaky's Wife, Son and the 2nd Leader and Spokesman of the Movement

Activists gather in front of Bahraini embassy in washington in solidarity with Hassan Mushaima


Ahlul-Bayt as the Earth Angels

Ziarat of Aemma (A.S) in Jannat al- Baqi

More on Imam al-Mahdi (AS)

from me and I am from Husayn.

Even though he possessed lofty spiritual stations, had found a special place in the hearts of the Muslim faithful and was granted a particular form of respect from members of his family, the Prophet of Islam (peace and blessings be upon him and his family

Birth to Commencement of Revelation

Imams - Clear and Coherent Policy

Ali ibn abi Talib, Amir al-Mu'menin


Imam Musa al-Kazim's(A.S.) Words of Wisdom

Compiled by Alulbayt (AS) Foundation

Freed Islamic Money from the Domination of the Roman Empire